Green Canary Application

Unique vertical market application for construction and building remodel projects to achieve the LEED Green Construction Certification defined by USGBC. Application workflow uses an innovative approach where the end-users may enter records as spreadsheet files and have the option of not interacting with the online application directly. Sophisticated parsing of XLSX files includes correctly executing spreadsheet macros so that advanced features can be used within Excel. Application has been used successfully on multi-billion dollar construction and renovation projects.

"James Hickman with [Rational Boxes] is the most talented software engineer and overall innovative problem solver we have ever worked with. He goes beyond conventional software engineering to invent new custom solutions that helped us build our own Green Building Integrative Management platform in record time, and with a restricted budget. He responded to client demands quickly and was always able to meet their requests. His overall positive proactive attitude makes him a pleasure to work with, and a rare commodity for any team!" -- Summer Gorder-Fowler owner of EcoREAL

"The GBIM platform provides useful and customizable organization to track the various LEED v4 metrics on a project. The ability to track and organize this information is critical to successfully attaining construction credits in LEED v4. ecoREAL Solutions has regularly updated the platform to adapt to changing project needs which have also been invaluable." -- Race Clark, Project Manager, Hoffman Construction

Custom application developed in partnership with EcoREAL. Application-based on the Rational Boxes Framework 42 and Web Bus frameworks. Provides an intuitive workflow for collecting the necessary data for calculating the progress towards LEED Green Building certification.

The application features an innovative approach to data collection offering a spreadsheet import feature that allows the in-field users to complete partially completed spreadsheets for automatic import. Current analysis output can be downloaded in a detailed spreadsheet for offline presentation and analysis if desired.

The underlying Framework 42 system implements a scalable multi-tenant architecture allowing isolation of tenant data with multiple projects. User access is managed via the LDAP protocol so user management is centralized in a centralized location such as a Windows Active Directory server as well as others. File storage integrates with ECM storage and file tracking solutions including Sharepoint as well as many other servers for easy management of imported spreadsheets and supporting document attachments.

Technologies and languages: Python WSGI, Java Microservices, Apache Poi document API, CMIS integration, LDAP authentication, Framework42, and Web Bus.

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