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We take a balanced long term approach to your project. Our solutions are multi-disciplinary and focused on the success of the end user and business client.

We have a wide ranging set of expertise including software engineering, human computer interaction and devops focusing on your success.

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Business Intelligence

Software is more then 1’s and 0’s. An effective solution starts with determining the needs of people. This is more then a limited view of a specific request but taking a holistic view of the organization, it’s future and business environment. We have experienced analysts who specialize in a business process first approach. We are more then mere software providers, we are strategic partners.


Our processes are based on industry standard Agile techniques. We strive to maintain prompt communications and updates. Rapid development feedback cycles insure that the project remains on track to meet your needs and expectations.

Our processes


We will meet with you to define a high-level view of your requirements. Help you crystallize the vision for the final product.

Road map

We will deliver a detailed road map for implementation on your project. This analysis is suitable to move forward with us immediately or if desired a different development team. The road map analysis is yours.

Use cases

We will create a series of user “stories” to crystallize the exact end-user work flows and experiences.


Live interface previews will be developed early in the process for review. We use the innovative Pattern Lab and Atomic Design principles to create the front-end elements of the project even before the business logic is written. This allows you to see a real visual preview of the final result.


We implement defined programming “sprints” with definite goals and reviews as functionality mile-stones are reached to quickly identify any needed revisions to the business logic.


The in-development project will be deployed to an internet visiable server for your review at any time to provide feedback.


Rational Boxes are experts in multiple technology stacks both established and leading edge. We will help you navigate the technical choices to select the best choice for the long term sustainability of your product.

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