We offer a comprehensive set of Shopify capabilities. Performance is a top concern for both SEO and shopper experience. We prioritize efficient optimized front-end markup, images and scripts for the fastest possible page loads.

Rational Boxes has developed multiple custom Shopify integration apps for needs such as advanced search, flexible and light weight pop-ups, sophisticated contact forms and more.

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Speed Optimization

Your store may be as beautiful as a painting but is it still slowing you down? Modern shoppers don’t like to wait around. Statistics show that 38% of potential customers bounce if a page takes more then five seconds to load. A page that looks like a piece of art is of little value if no one will wait around to see it.

Speed is also a critical factor that Google and other search engines are using to rank results. A sluggish site means second page of results and a trickle of traffic.

  • Better Overall Site Performance
  • Ranking Improvements
  • Increased Customer Retention
  • Higher Conversions

Custom Apps and Integrations

We have sophisticated integration development experience and existing application to take your Shopify based E-commerce implementation to the next level.

Advanced Search

While Shopify has serviceable search functionality built in there are some serious limitations. Our Advanced Search improves by providing better fuzzy matching to account for misspellings and narrower searching to specific sections and blogs. This is useful for cases such as a support specific search that should only be returning results from the product support section of the site content.

Lightweight pop-up modal

Simple modal for newsletter sign-up, promotions or anything else you might imagine. Allows arbitrary content including form snippets provided by campaign managers or other 3’rd party services.


  • Minimal front-end code that demand loads if the modal is showing.
  • Multiple definitions by screen width for optimizing to mobile, tablet and desktop.
  • Specify what pages or sections of the store to be active on.
  • Show when scrolling down page, on time-out or combination.
  • Back intent detection that shows when the user’s mouse pointer is approaching the back button.

ZenDesk Integration

Request form with deep integration into Zen Desk. Routes request to a department defined within ZenDesk based on user selections. Allows user to submit attachments and scans uploads for possible virus and malware contamination.

Custom Logistics

Provides better information then simple stating that an item is out of stock. Enter expected shipments and provide shoppers with real time information about when their order can be fulfilled. Track pre-allocation of product units from expected future shipments. Inform shoppers that while item out of stock it will be available by a specific date and send them an automated message when stock is available.

Featured Shopify Projects


Nama is the creator of a very popular juicing appliance with a strong health and wellness narrative. The original store was hosted on the Shopify platform but lacked features to engage customers post sale or provide adequate customer support.

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